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Guitar Lessons with Kevin M Buck

Master the Guitar

Professional guitarist Kevin M. Buck is now accepting a limited amount of students. Will teach the student what he/she wants to learn, NO curriculum, NO teaching “by the book”. Each person is different and every person has different goals and learning styles, so there is no so-called “right way” to teach. Kevin teaches all styles of music (Blues, Metal, Rock, Shred, Classical, Jazz, Country, Jam Rock, etc.) and all types of guitar playing, as well as technique, advanced theory, songwriting, individuality, and many other elements of music. Theory made easy! Simplified methods to learning Soloing, Technique, Reading, Modes, Songwriting, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Chords, Pentatonics, Arpeggios and tons more depending on your interests. Kevin will teach all skill levels as long as the student is serious about learning. Kevin has a way of making extremely difficult concepts very simple and easy to understand. Kevin also has access to any sheet music or tablature that you may need, and can also transcribe any song for you.

Learn styles of Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ritchie Blackmore, Jason Becker, Joe Satriani, B.B. King, Wes Montgomery, Les Paul, Chet Atkins, Paul Gilbert, Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde, Jerry Garcia, David Gilmour, Ritchie Blackmore, Uli Jon Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Michael Schenker and hundreds more. Most importantly, learn your own style and develop your own personality with the instrument.

Kevin currently teaches out of his home studio in Lockport, Illinois Monday through Thursday, and in Berwyn, Illinois on Wednesdays for $50.00 an hour. Kevin will travel to your home for about $75 an hour, depending on time and travel expense. Call (708) 655-3882 or email: kevinmbuck@hotmail.com to reserve your time slot while they are still available.