Astral Love

Our souls ascend in union
We ride the axis of an endless dream
The stars fall down all around us
The gods they worship us from below

And as the world falls into shadow
Secrets of love are ours to know
We navigate the astral maze
As our bodies lie on the ground

We hold the key to the universe
The unseen light will be our home
May your love be my salvation
Beyond the doors of insanity

Liberation Suite

Your own knowledge of the truth is the salvation of your immortal soul.
Light, love, life, we are all God.

The Lost Prophet

The earth gave you wisdom, to see all the future.
The knowledge eternal the secrets of Jesus

It’s your job to show them, the truth about your time
Addiction may haunt you and take all the suns blood away

Your lackluster habits are wicked rituals
Cry out to the next realm your castles are ruins

You bury your sorrows inside a bottle
But you’ll see tomorrow the pain will not fade away
Their souls feel the wrath of your ways
Why can’t you see their fate Why can’t you feel there pain
Eternal eye is closed forever

Of the life you wasted you see there is no time
For the dreams your chasin’ you won’t receive a dime

You hide from the dragons and run from the demons
Injected the needle and cry out for you see your own grave
And the ghosts from your past did not save
From the wrath of the gods you’re a slave

Dream Child

Rainbow child is lost
Ran away can’t count the cost
Drugged out in the cold
Dream child just needs love
Where will you go, with no self contro

I said where will you go, think about your soul.
Spiral vision in your mind
Seeking truth but you are blind Left your family ran away
Homeless broke nowhere to stay.

Where will you go, with no self control
where will you go, think about your soul.
Poor Dreamchild
Poor Dreamchild

Dreamchild’s life has gone astray
The final hope has gone away
Acid mind gone insane
Overdosed from heroin

Where did you go, with no self control
Where did you go, where is your soul
Where did you go, above or below
Where did you go, I hope you kept your soul

Poor dreamchild, poor dreamchild, poor dreamchild.

Orange Sunshine

A while ago I sat and thought deep inside my mind.
Thinking of a cosmic trip through space and time
Sitting in the forest gazing at the sky learning all the answers while I’m very high from orange sunshine
I hope to god I don’t forget the secrets of time knowing that I too two trips of orange sunshine
So I took out my notebook and wrote it all out fine.
Eternal life at my command from orange sunshine
Then a spirit came to me.
I swear to you no lie It made me burn my notebook with all the secrets inside
It said that eternal wisdom is not for mankind.
You know now because of orange sunshine.
The secrets of time from orange sunshine

The Resurrection of Osiris

Osiris sees in the night
Out of our sight
Sacred light keeps our souls alive
When you’re back from the dead
Then I’ll see you again
When you rise from the dead
Then that is the end…
The secrets of time
Are all in your mind
Eternal life can be all mine
Feel the pain of your savior
Inside of your soul
From an innocent prophet
To a corpse on the cross
Infinite sorrow
For the life on the Earth
Death for the wicked
For a chance at rebirth

Eternal Darkness

Lookout can’t you see it
There is no light in the day.
Hideout, they are coming
They want all our souls

Eternal Darkness
An evil god reigns
Shapeshifting Spirits
Threaten our fate.


Elitists, they plan out our future. The leaders, they control our minds.
The poor people don’t have a future,
and the innocent fight for their lives.
The teachers they program our children.
The leaders they send them to die.
The soldiers they fight in the desert,
and the innocent run for their lives.

The leaders performing eugenics
making us addicts and then prisoners.
Impending Doom for the New Aeon,
with wars and disease and disaster.
Elitists have underground bunkers.
The innocent fight for their lives.
The Gods they will blackout the future
Because of the sins of mankind.

(The Pentagram by Aleister Crowley)
In the years of the primal course,
In the dawn of terrestrial birth,
Man mastered the mammoth and horse,
And Man was the Lord of the Earth.

He made him an hollow skin
From the heart of an holy tree,
He compassed the earth therein,
And Man was the Lord of the Sea.

He controlled the vigour of steam,
He harnessed the lightning for hire;
He drove the celestial team,
And man was the Lord of the Fire.

Deep-mouthed from their thrones deep-seated,
The choirs of the aeons declare
The last of the demons defeated,
For Man is the Lord of the Air.

Arise, O Man, in thy strength!
The kingdom is thine to inherit,
‘Til the high Gods witness at length
That Man is the Lord of his Spirit
The leaders HAARP control the weather.
Bilderberg took all our monies.
Poisoned our food and our water
Preparing for Annunaki.

The leaders they know of the aliens.
They hide them and program our minds
The OTO know of the story,
the secrets of our space and time.

The Wheel

Twelve signs they show you all the spirals in the sky.
Twelve signs control you and the thoughts inside your mind.

Gemini double side can’t you tell what’s real?
Gemini look inside.
Can’t you see the wheel?

Twelve Gods controlling us in houses throughout time.
Twelve Gods convincing us the wheel turns all the time.
Gemini double side can’t you tell what’s real?
Gemini look inside can’t you see the wheel
Can’t you see the wheel?

You won’t see it!
Don’t lose your hope in Venus.
There will be love soon.
Desolate night departs now,
To the light of the moon.
You don’t need faith in Jesus,
If you don’t think Hell’s real.
The Earths your love and mother
Your shelter inside the wheel.
Twelve sounds that make up all the musick in our lives.
Twelve sounds related to the mysteries of all time.

Gemini devilside can’t you tell what’s real?
Gemini lost your mind.
Can’t you see the wheel?

Eye of the Storm

Aum Sat Tat Aum. Aum Sat Tat Aum.
You’re not goin’ nowhere.

Rays of the Sun

In the spring we grew from the rays of the sun.
In the spring we knew that our world had just begun.
Look the sun is high, and it brings eternal light.
Now we are all high, and the magic fills our souls.
In the Rays of the sun

The wind, it rapes the trees of the memory of hope.
The wind a sick cool breeze and the shadows fill our souls
Where’s the Rays of the sun.
Now the end is near.
No sun just pain and fear.
No one else is here, a sickness in the air.
There’s no Rays of the sun.

Now that I’ve found you don’t leave me alone
Running through shadows out in Babylon
Killing the Demons breaking their haze
Dying together we will find our way
Dying together the sun has no rays.

Trance of Sorrow

So now my greatest sorrows shall be sustained infinitely.


For there are two worlds in which we all live: the world of reality with our pain and depression, and the world of fantasy and fairytales, which exists only in our mind. We all love the world without sorrow, but it can only be reached by death.

Shadows of Today

Dwelling in the darkness, you know your dreaming
Lying with your visions, its cosmic awareness
Your fate is in your own hands, always believe this
But you call the old ones, you think they’ll save you
All this to help you live forever

Your mind is searching beyond this world
For euphoric darkness the demons haunting
Your spirits crying cause earth is bleeding
You pray to Jesus but you’ve deceived him

You have the power to make your own eternal path
If you bath in this rainbow of magick
Leave the shadows of today

Holding your bible you faithless mortal
You know the evil it beckons your soul
You pray to God but God won’t help you
The evil is an illusion it’s killed by nothing
And now you’re a pawn today and forever

You’re in the absu eternal fire
Decaying spirits the devils laughter
You’re enslaved forever transcending never
You’ve lost the rainbow to euphoric darkness